What consumers are buying at Kirana Stores during the lockdown – The numbers

What are consumers buying at Kirana Stores during the lockdown? A look at the numbers In this current time of lockdown, we have been witnessing the steady and continued presence of the local kirana stores. They have been bravely keeping their stores open, selling whatever they have been supplied with at their regular prices, doing… read more

Kirana Stores – The unsung hero during the time of Covid-19

Kirana Stores – The unsung hero during the time of Covid-19 With the country being on a lockdown over the past 10 days and most of us taking various measures to protect ourselves and our loved ones, there is one significant development that is being played before our eyes – the emergence of kirana stores.… read more

SnapBizz – The “third eye” to the FMCG Industry

SnapBizz – The “third eye” to the FMCG Industry Overview In the past few years, the FCMG industry in India has undergone massive changes driven by daily evolving market dynamics such as the advent of E-com and eB2B companies, digital payments, many highly successful FMCG start-ups, fluctuating cost structures (and hence pricing models), ever-changing consumer behaviour of… read more

Driving technology adoption among Kirana Stores

Driving technology adoption among Kirana Stores In the YourStory article titled “How to build for the Indian B2B retailer”, Udaan’s Abhilash Pillai has highlighted the key learnings on building B2B products for Kirana stores and more importantly, making these stores to adopt the technology. There are a few learnings that we would like to share while we… read more

Kirana stores and FMCG Ecosystem: The focus on digitisation
Kirana stores and FMCG Ecosystem

There has been a lot of noise lately (including the recent article that appeared on Livemint “The great Indian grocery gig in the sky“) with regards to how e-commerce players are trying to tap into the Kirana store network to gain an advantage over its rivals and capture market share in grocery space. Shopper behavior… read more

Kirana stores ride the digital wave: How GST has transformed retail today
Kirana stores

In the past year, the progress of the Indian economy has been defined primarily by the implementation of a single economic reform: the Goods and Services Tax (GST). As this reform completes one year of existence, industries across the country have looked to adapt their functioning in order to maximize GST’s potential for business impact. Among the industries most disrupted by this reform, retail stands out as one of the more successful sectors, especially in the domain of kirana stores. read more

Amazonization of India’s own Kirana stores – Vision to reality
Vision to reality

The digitization of industry functions represents a prime focus area across all sectors today. In the retail sector, the rise of Amazon as a monolith has had a disruptive influence on the industry, hastening the pace of digitization within it. While most part of the sector have embraced this disruptive influence, the phenomenon of local kirana stores leveraging tools such as retail analytics to improve their functioning has been a revelation. This example of ‘Amazonization’ in a localized space showcases the ability digitization possesses to change a sector in its entirety. Research conducted in the space indicates that technology has augmented the way kirana stores function in a variety of ways: read more

Retail Predictions 2018
Predictions 2018

2017 has been an eventful year for the retail industry, there has been a spurt in automation and digitisation to improve service, retain customer and enhance overall shopping experience. In 2018, this development will only amplify as kirana stores adopt technology to automate their operations and drive customer engagement to keep up with modern trade, discount stores and e-commerce. Listing down some of the key changes we foresee will revolutionise this industry in 2018 read more

Human touch, digital world: How kirana stores are championing Indian retail
championing Indian retail

The Indian retail sector today is in a state of flux as the industry continues to evolve. The rise of digitization as a catalyst for disruption has prompted players within the sector to initiate policies that enable the integration of digital technologies in the pursuit of ever-growing profit margins. While the Indian scenario continues to move closer to mirroring its global counterparts, one set of retailers have resisted the all-out push for digitization: owners of kirana stores. read more