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    Engage with targeted consumers

    Drive targeted consumer engagement with our digital shelf, out of store SMS and contextual targeting through printed bills.

    • 98% of consumers in the store notice the display screen
    • 50 X more powerful than a shelf or a poster
    • Upsell, cross-sell or induct brand switch by contextual targeting of customers

    Select stores, implement the ad on print centrally and track ad on bills post implementation

    Get real time data with ScanTT

    ScanTT, a product co-created with Nielson, provides marketers with data relating to daily consumer purchases that happen at kirana stores. This Point of Sale (PoS) Data Analytics facilitates answering questions such as – Which products are brought together with my brand? How is the retailer discounting my brand? How much do sales improve because of a promotion? Analysis of these bills reveal fascinating insights and answers fundamental business questions about sales and consumer understanding.

    Run and track consumer promotions

    • Customize consumer promotions by store/ area/ city
    • Test and verify business impact of consumer promotions
    • Execution is on a click
    • No Need to print stickers or design changes in packaging.
    • Put promo on LED Screen/ SMS
    • Promotion will be discounted on bill – Track the execution by store via bills generated

    Undertake A/B testing

    Test 2 or more options (promotions, key visuals, in store communication, in store merchandising tools) real time before you invest millions of dollars on your ideas
    Get a real-time analytics on which one performs better

    • Promotion (1+1 vs Rs off, Rs X off vs Rs Y off)
    • Consumer communication (brand ambassador, variants, assortment etc.)
    • Get better understanding of Regional / city variances