SnapBizz Lite

1.How do we get SnapBizz Lite App?

SnapBizz Lite App can be downloaded from “Play Store”onto your Android device/mobile.

2.What is SnapBizz Lite?

SnapBizz Lite is a Billing solution which is provided to the retailer, to help in store operations. This is a user-friendly billing solution which can be used by all age groups with any education level.

3.What are the key features of SnapBizz Lite?

The key features of Billing are:

  1. Customer management
  2. Khata/Credit management
  3. Inventory & Stock management
  4. Push offers
  5. Reports

4.How to add a product to a bill/cart?

You can add a product in to a bill in three different ways –

  1. By scanning the barcode, the product gets added into the cart with all the details which are preloaded into the software. Name of the product along with MRP SP and quantity is displayed.
  2. By searching the product either by entering name or barcode of the product in the search field
  3. By adding a loose product from quick add section

5. How can customer change the price of the product in billing cart?

Customer can change the price of the product in the billing cart by clicking on the price he/she wants to change. On clicking, a popup is shown asking for the new price of the product. Please enter the new price to get the price changed.

6.How to tag a customer in the bill?

To tag a customer into a bill, you need to type the name or number of the customer who is already added into your system.

7. How to add a new customer?

To add a new customer, please follow below steps:

  1. Touch on the customer icon on the top left corner
  2. A popup is shown requesting the customer details, enter details such as Mobile number, Email id, Address and Alternate mobile number
  3. Click on save, adds your new customer in to your registry

8. How to edit the customer details?

To edit the customer details, please follow below steps:

  1. Go to customers section
  2. Click on the customer’s name that you want to edit and then click on the pencil icon
  3. Edit the details of the customer
  4. Click on save, edits your customer details.

9. How to add a product to the inventory?

To add a product to the inventory, please follow the below steps:

  1. Open the inventory section
  2. Click on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom left of the screen
  3. A form asking all the details of the product is displayed, for a barcoded product you can scan the barcode and all the details will be filled or enter the details of the product manually.
  4. Click on save, adds a product to the inventory

10. How to edit product details in inventory ?

To edit the product details in inventory, please follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the product you want to edit
  2. Click on edit symbol and make the required changes
  3. Click on save, edits the product details in inventory.

11.What is quick add?

Quick add is a feature used to add loose product directly to cart. You can give the pricing details for 1 kg and it will calculate automatically for the quantity of product added into the cart.

12. How to add a product to quick add ?

To add a product to quick add, please follow below steps:

  1. Click on Quick add ‘+’ button at the bottom left corner on the billing monitor screen
  2. Click on the category under which the product needs to be added
  3. Click on the add icon
  4. Enter the product details
  5. Click on save, adds product to Quick add

13. What is push offer?

Push offers is a feature helpful for you to maintain the customer relation and customer engagement. Push offers allows messages to be sent to customers phone number regarding a promotional offer you are availing to all the customers in your data base, given for free.

14. How to send push offers?

To send push offers, Go to push offers section and type any message you want to send in box given and click on push offer button.

15. How to make Invoice(Pakka) and Estimate(Kacha) bills?

While completing a bill, click on the invoice icon at the bottom of the bill, bill will get saved as an invoice bill or Pakka. If the icon is turned off then the bill will be saved as an Estimate or Kacha bill. You can also change the status of the bill from Estimate to invoice in the bills section, vice versa is not allowed.

16. Where to check and how to check invoice and estimate bills?

  1. To check the bills, Go to bills section
  2. You will see all the invoices raised, by default

To check the estimates long press on bills icon it will change to ‘Bills(E)’

17. What are the different reports that can be generated in the software?

You can generate different reports like :

  1. Sales report
  2. Stock report
  3. HSN report
  4. GST 3B report

18. How to export the reports?

To export reports, Go to Reports section and add the Email id in the Email field and click on save button. Click on the required report and it will be sent to the mail id saved.

19. What is snaporder?

Snaporder is a feature to make your store an online store. It helps in making the customer’sonline order reach to your store

20. How to enable snaporder?

To enable snap order, Go to Settings and turn on the snaporder settings.

21. Why SnapBizz Lite?

  1. Retailers easily can do his store operations with less effort
  2. Ease of use – even a store boy can learn to bill in 2 hours
  3. Automatic update of products database SKU’S on daily basis
  4. Latest features added to product every month free of cost and automatically

22. What scanner do we use?

You already have an inbuilt scanner in the billing machine.You can also buy and use an external scanner from Retsol or Honeywell which helps your scanning operation quicker.

23. Will the device support external printers?

The hardware doesn’t support any external printers as it comes with an inbuilt 2’inch thermal printer.

24. Why is the device costly?

The extra facilities & features which comes along with this solution makes it worth it. As it offers a chance to expand your business online with e-commerce orders which customer will order using SnapOrder (PayZapp). The facility to manage offline & online business both are available in this product/ solution

25. Why printed bill is required?

  1. Customer would like to have a printed bill on which all the details of the products like Name, MRP, Discount and Total Savings will be displayed. By providing printed bill helps in building customers trust on you.
  2. In addition to above point, you can also send the e-bill through SMS to customers mobile at no extra cost.
Competitive BenchmarkJioSnapBizz Lite
Threat to businessCan take away your customer and send them to reliance retailWill always support getting more customers to your store
Ease of BillingNot easy to use at all. All stores who have already taken it are not billingVery user friendly
Target customerSoftware is same for Kirana, hardware, medical, shoes, clothing storeSoftware made only for kirana store and hence best bet to use
Support to bring new customersNonePush offer facility

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