• Cloud Connected POS Billing Machine for Retailers

    • More sales and Profits
    • Creating Virtual Supermarkets
    • Enabling Brands

    • More sales and Profits

    • More loyal customers

    • More Brand promotions

    • GST ready


    • Targeted Consumer engagement

    • Offtake based Data Analytics

    • Run and Track promotions

  • GST Badge
    All our software comes GST ready and will ensure the seamless integration of your data & billing is up to par with current official government standards.

Our billing app already supports multiple languages

Hindi, English and Tamil

Snapbizz Retailer
Transform your store into a virtual supermarket!
Designed exclusively for “Kirana” stores, our GST ready billing solution will transform your store into a virtual supermarket and connects your store to consumers, brands, distributors, and wholesalers.
More Sales

Increase sales by at least 20% more. Snapbizz brings you more promotions and display money from brands. Showcase your own promotions on SnapVision, a new digital shelf space. They see more, they buy more.

Quick and Easy Billing

Make your shoppers happy. Give them a printed bill and show savings to build more loyalty. Seamlessly switch between customer carts and reduce their waiting time.

Created by Dev Patel from the Noun Project
More Loyal shoppers

Connect with shoppers outside the store. Send them SMS about latest offers and launches in your store. Give them a personalized consumer App, get online orders. Manage credit accounts online.

More Profits

Reduce your investment by at least 30%. Smart order placement to distributors using order management tool. Order online to wholesalers. Get advanced daily business reports.

Snapbizz Brand
Snapbizz provides your brand the much needed last mile connect to consumers and retailers in General Trade.
You can now contextually engage shoppers both in and out of the store, run and track consumer promotions easily and track performance based on real time offtake data on your brands and competition.
Engage Customers

Run your brand campaign visual / videos on SnapVision digital shelf across top Kirana stores. Enable brand switch using our cutting edge tech products – contextual SMS’s and Ad print on bill.

Offtake Based Data Analytics

SnapBizz hosts India’s largest bank of basket data. Get access to accurate, real time data based insights on your brands performance - share in shop, distribution gaps, consumer basket analytics and more.

Run and Track Consumer Promotions

Choose stores based on your brands (or competition) performance, centrally configure promotions on your products, define budgets by store and track disbursements by store.

Measure Impact

SnapBizz is the only tech company that measures the impact of all your marketing and sales interventions in the general trade.

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